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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to pay to use this website?

No, everything on this website is 100% FREE.

Q: Is it safe to submit my details on this website?

Your data will not be shared with anyone other than our approved plant hire companies. We have also gone the extra mile to make this website secure.

Q: How can I benefit from using this service?

Save time and money. Get quotes from the best plant hire companies in the Benoni by completing 1 simple form.

Q: How long will it take for me to start receiving feedback?

Most companies reply within 24 hours.

Q: How many quotes will I receive?

A maximum of 5 quotes. Usually 3 - 5 quotes. Most of our plant hire companies will contact you to get all the specifics of your project and what you require.

Q: Is there any obligation if I use this service?

No, no obligation at all

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Steps to follow:


We have made the contact form as compact as possible to be able to gather all the necessary information for your project without taking up your time. Filling in the contact form can be done by your computer, or cellphone, the choice is yours. Obviously the more information that you disclose in the contact form, the more accurately our approved steel fabrication & structural steel companies.


Our approved steel fabrication & structural steel  companies will contact you directly with a quotation or to setup a face to face meeting whereby a quotation will then materialise. The consultation/site inspection/feedback is essential in order for the company to give you a realistic and fair quotation for the project.


As previously mentioned, there is no obligation when a quotation is sent to you. Simply choose who you think would be the best vendor to serve your project and get the ball rolling.

Plant Hire in Benoni

Finding the right plant hire company and quote comparison can be a tedious and cumbersome task. A great company run by a great team can make a project run as smooth as you would dream it to. A reliable plant hire company can save you loads of money and ensure optimisation of your project. Finding the right plant hire company in Benoni can be a case of pick and choose, but taking your chances with something so costly and important is not very sensible. Asking for quotes can also be an extremely time-consuming task which is why we remove the tedious nature of this task by allowing you to get in touch with the best companies in Benoni by submitting one simple form.

At Benoni Plant Hire, we provide the best plant hire quote comparison services for local business. Our intention is to create efficiency for the end user by giving you access to 5hand-picked Benoni based plant hire companies. We have done this by inviting Benoni's top plant hire companies to list their company's on our directory so that majority of the area is covered.

How It Works

As one of the best internet marketing companies in South Africa, we developed Benoni Plant Hire to make the process of receiving quotes and making the right company with the right client. If you are looking to hire equipment, simply input your details onto the contact form and voila, you will be contacted by some of Benoni's top plant hire companies. What each of the companies need is your name, email address, a contact number, your location and a description of the project that you have at hand. Once you have submitted those details on the contact form, you will receive up to 5 quotations from some of Benoni's best plant hire companies.

We have already gone through the vetting stages and have hand picked the plant hire companies listed on our directories who have an extensive portfolio to ensure that the end user receives the best service possible. There is no obligation to use the companies as the quotations and experience are for comparison purposes. You can make a choice on who you would like to work with based on the merits each company withholds. The entire process of inserting your details to receiving quotes will save you hours in the long run as you would have asking around for individual quotes from a range of companies.

Quality Plant Hire Services

Your investment in plant hire does not allow for mediocre and poor quality equipment and service. Your project is expensive and you need the best service done in order to get the asset or return on investment that you expect. Choosing a friend, or taking a word of mouth recommendation is extremely risky. We can guarantee that all of our directory listed plant hire companies have met our criteria for quality and are reputable companies with an outstanding track record.

Each service provider on our lead receipt program and on our directory has many years of experience in the industry and holds an impeccable track record. During our vetting process we looked at companies that have been in business for many years, we looked at online and other reviews for that business, past work, team size, etc in order for them to be included in our list of top plant hire companies in Benoni. We have done the due diligence for you, all you need to do is settle on the company that suits your budget and gains your trust. Please see our terms and conditions regarding use of our website.

We're a Plant Hire Company – What Is In It For Us?

Many companies pay an arm and a leg through marketing in order to generate leads for themselves. Our strategy is unique, but clever in the way that through your monthly subscription we are able to pool together a portion of subscription fees to create a massive online PPC and SEO campaign. The PPC and SEO campaign is what drives all the quality leads to our website. We focus on Google because Google is where most of the market hangs out. Our PPC and SEO campaigns cannot be matched by other companies which means that Benoni Plant Hire sucks up majority of that market and sent directly to you. We are also the preferred go-to tool because its simple, efficient and traffic would be stupid not to get 10 quotations from one submission.

For directory listings, its free on our website. This also gives you the potential to reach a large portion of the market by simply adding your website and portfolio to our directory. Our listed companies get a portfolio page on our website that is easily accessible to the end user. If you do not have a website or you feel like it may need a fresh new look, contact our sister company - Garry Meston Digital for an unbeatable quote.

If you wish to gain more exposure and are open to receiving new leads, you can apply to become a preferred supplier nationwide, or a preferred supplier in your city and our system will send you leads. These benefits come at a fee, which we believe is extremely competitive given the extra exposure they give your business. Simply, if you want to generate sales from an online market (which is where the world is going) in South Africa, a listing on Benoni Plant Hire can help you without the need to do any more work or marketing - let us do the heavy lifting for you!

Do you need Truck Hire?

The companies that we have hand picked can give you the best truck hire rates in Benoni. Truck hire is in big demand in Benoni and we want to ensure that you get the best truck hire experience.

Your truck hire requirements may range from 1-ton truck hire all the way to abnormal load truck hire. Please use the contact form above to get a truck hire quote from our trusted companies based in Benoni.

Do you need Scaffolding Hire?

Scaffolding hire is an important function of construction in Benoni. A large number of companies require scaffolding hire which means that we have picked companies that offer scaffolding hire in Benoni.

Some construction cannot take place without the correct quantity of Scaffolding which makes scaffolding hire such an important part of your project. Contact our companies today and get the best scaffolding hire quotes in Benoni.

Do you need a generator?

Sometimes working at a site where there is no power source may require you to get a generator. You can hire a generator at the fraction of the price that it is to purchase one by getting in touch with one of our plant hire companies.

There is a wide range of generators from 1KVA to 3500KVA generators at your disposal